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Alex Deleon from the Cab writes a new song about Demi Lovato!
February 13, 2010, 9:07 PM
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“Demi sang, “You’ve got me laughing while I sing, you’ve got me smiling in my sleep.” In Alex’s new song he says, “I stayed awake to watch your smile sing to me”. And the key line “but please don’t catch me”, Alex sings, “I caught you long before you offered me the chance”.”

Track 6 on Demi’s album is “Catch Me” which Deleon has made known time and time again that she wrote about him

The lyrics to his new, untitled song about Demi, plus more twitter updates referencing her as well, in the link below:

“do you remember me?

the boy who kissed you with his back against the tree.

i stayed awake to watch your smile sing to me,

i never shut my eyes…you were my only dream.

now i’m missing everything.

you were my marilyn and i was your james dean.

wanted to act out all the classic movie scenes,

but we were more in love than they could ever be.

do you remember life?

i’d tuck you in at least a half million times.

i miss the days i felt your body next to mine.

i pulled you closer just to hear them harmonize.

i won’t be afraid of the dark,

i picked up the pieces when he broke apart your heart.

holding you tightly as you cried inside my arms,

i spent the night in tears just knowing you were harmed.

i haven’t seen you since,

writing you letters that i never seem to send.

re-living inside jokes and asking how you’ve been.

sincerely, mr. “i’ve been missing you to death.”

i’m still your biggest fan.

i know your heartbeat like the back of praying hands.

i caught you long before you offered me the chance,

but why you ran away, i’ll never understand.”

Credit to BB for the first paragraph: Credit to livejournal for the screencaps


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its not about demi.
its about LOGAN.
teenies kill me.

Comment by ...

No it’s not. He said he hates Logan. I doubt he’d be writing a lovey dovey, happy song about her after she CHEATED on him and he said himself that he loathes her now.

Comment by demilovatofan

Can you give me a link? Because I’ve never heard about that. I want tonsee his exact words

Comment by Jess

and its not neccisarily a song.
he just posted that on his blog. OKAY?

Comment by ...

Demi wrote that damn song, way before she knew Alex DeFag or whatever. Get a life, he wants attention, but no one knows who he is.

Comment by OceanUP

No she didn’t. In 2009 she said she wrote it last year. She dated Alex in 2008. I’m sure he’d know if it’s about him and he says it is.

Comment by demilovatofan

who is logan?

Comment by nas

Alex Deleon’s exgirlfriend

Comment by demilovatofan

To Whom It May Concern:
Your first quote is from our site, and our story here:

You did not credit our story or our quote which is plagiarism. Every single story on our site is created by our writers. Remove the quote or credit us.

Comment by beautifulballad

Whoa calm down and learn how to read. I credited you a the bottom of the entry. The screencaps and lyrics are from livejournal

Comment by demilovatofan

we prefer if you link so people know who the original source came from. one of our writers is extremely upset. thank you.

Comment by beautifulballad

The link is there!

Comment by demilovatofan

Woah oceanup, Alex is amazing and he’s not doing it for attention so grow up. He has plenty of loyal fans already.

Comment by brie

she cheated on him?

Comment by woahthere92

Alex said on his formspring or twitter (can’t remember which right now) that he’s never hated someone as much as he hates Logan because she cheated on him

Comment by demilovatofan

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